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Sleep Deprivation

sleep depOxygen Deficiency Symptoms

You need oxygen. You would die within a few minutes without oxygen. Oxygen is vital to your life. Most of us think that we get enough oxygen. After all, we can breathe anytime we want! But, actually, most of us do not get nearly enough oxygen to maintain or improve health.

Oxygen deficiency symptoms include:

fatigue, insomnia, frequent sighing, breathing problems, yawning.

A hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a safe and effective way to deliver more oxygen to your cells with higher pressure so that your body can better heal itself and maintain health.

Healthy cells make a healthy body!

Now, anyone who desires optimal health and slower aging can benefit from hyperbaric therapy. Most people notice increased energy and improved sense of well-being with each session. In addition, each person will notice various improvements to your particular medical problems.